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Milost denotes “grace” which resonates deeply with the founder; who is rooted in providing the three important aspects of bonding over business :
Quality, Service and Presentation.

Why Milost ?

Why Choose Milost? Food has a profound impact on our lives, affecting our mood, social interactions, and health. But there's something special about patisseries that adds a touch of sweetness to life. Cakes, with their delicate dough and vibrant colors, have a certain allure.

Milost is a patisserie that offers a wide range of handcrafted cakes, each with its own unique touch of gifting. Whether you're satisfying a daily craving, celebrating a special occasion, or enjoying the company of loved ones, we have a cake for every moment. Our goal is to bring the art and elegance of a patisserie to India in a way that celebrates the country's heritage. We believe that vibrant neighborhoods are built through shared experiences and moments of connection, like enjoying a delicious cake from a trusted confectioner.

At Milost, we strive to bring you the finest experience. Our selection of cakes is diverse and tailored to any occasion. You can easily browse and order from our website, and send a gift to any corner of India. We work hard to curate a gifting experience at every price point, adding vibrancy to your special moments and celebrations.

So, pin your hopes on us and let us deliver you the best.

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