Chocolate Hazelnut Cake: Indulgence By Milost

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Experience the Exquisite Design of Milost’s Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Indulge in the exquisite allure of our Chocolate Hazelnut Cake by Milost. Crafted to perfection, this masterpiece is a symphony of flavors and design. Handcrafted with the finest courverture chocolates, it’s a testament to culinary excellence and artistic ingenuity.

Unveil layers of opulent taste as rich dark chocolate dances with honey-roasted hazelnut filling, embraced by heavenly hazelnut chocolate ganache and velvety milk chocolate ganache. Each layer is a journey of indulgence, an unreal blend of textures and flavors.

Beyond taste, revel in its design. The Hazelnut Cake Design is a visual marvel, a luxurious statement that’s perfect for gifting. Touched with gold leaf, it shimmers with elegance, adding an extra layer of luxury to your celebrations.

The moist, rich cake sponge ensures every bite is a delight, perfectly complementing the intricate flavors. Elevate your gifting experience with Milost and savor a journey of taste, design, and delight. And with our Mumbai cake delivery, your chosen delight arrives at its freshest, making every moment memorable.


500 grams, 1 kg


none, Happy birthday


Standard Free, Curved candle 1 pc, Curved candle ( Set of 6)


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