Chocolate Cake: Elara by Milost

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Experience pure pleasure with our meticulously crafted masterpiece – the Dark Chocolate Cake: Elara by Milost. This Couverture chocolate cake redefines luxury, handcrafted from the finest couverture chocolates, under strict hygiene standards.

Savor the harmonious blend of flavors that define our dark chocolate creation. It’s a symphony of richness and velvety smoothness, an extraordinary taste that lingers.

Imagine gifting this marvel – a stunning and scrumptious chocolate birthday cake surprise. We captures the essence of celebration. Impeccable service and thoughtful packaging enhance every moment.

What sets our creation apart is avant-garde, modern design. Each slice of our dark chocolate cake is a work of art, pleasing to both eyes and taste buds. It’s a redefined luxury, a gift that conveys thoughtfulness.

As you order, remember our commitment to finest cake delivery in Mumbai. Our doors are open to ensure each slice of our Chocolate Cake arrives with care and precision.

Elevate gifting with the epitome of graceful indulgence – Elara by Milost. Order now and be part of a journey steeped in flavors, design, and delight.


500 grams, 1 kg


none, Happy birthday


Standard Free, Curved candle 1 pc, Curved candle ( Set of 6)


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